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Betsy Grunch Net Worth. Salary, Age, Weight, Husband

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Betsy Grunch Net Worth

It’s an understatement to say that Betsy Deanina Grunch has achieved a lot in the 44 years she has been on this planet.

She has done some fantastic work in the medical field as a professional neurosurgeon and entrepreneur specializing in invasive spine surgery.

She has accumulated a net worth of around $15 million earning every single penny with intense hard work and a true passion for what she does.

To really get to the bottom of the secrets of her incredible wealth and success, we’ll examine Betsy Grunch’s Salary, Age, family, etc. 

Sources of Betsy Grunch Net Worth

Betsy Grunch

She’s proven time and time again that her place in the medical field is not to be taken for granted; she’s been extremely successful not just as a neurosurgeon but also as a forward-thinking game-changer with her innovative ideas and leadership in revolutionizing invasive spine surgery.

As a result of her exceptional efforts, she has been able to make a lot of money, as she deserves. Let’s take a closer look at her income streams:

Healthcare Services

As a board-certified neurosurgeon with a whole history of hustling and achieving great things behind her, it’s no surprise that she’s highly sought-after.

She specializes in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Disc Replacement Surgery, Deformity/Scoliosis Surgery, and Neurotrauma. 

Neurosurgeons in America who specialize in these conditions make around $400,000 to $700,000.

Given that she’s been a practising neurosurgeon at Longstreet Clinic since 2013 and has a decade-long experience supporting her career, it isn’t unfair to assume that more than half of her $15 million net worth can be attributed to her practice and healthcare services. 

Personal Consulting

Aside from working at Longstreet Clinic, Betsy Grunch has also established her own personal consulting services online, where people can directly connect with Dr. Grunch without the need for referrals or appointments through Longstreet Clinic.

This approach helps those seeking personalized consultations and expert advice directly from Dr. Grunch herself to get exactly that. 

This is quite an intelligent move on Betsy Grunch’s part from a business perspective as well. This approach allows Dr. Grunch to really leverage her social media popularity, getting her more clients than she would’ve from Longstreet Clinic alone and significantly boosting her net worth. 

Social Media Earning

When we said earlier that her popularity on social media has given her an edge in her career, we meant it.

As of 2024, Betsy Grunch has over 2 million followers on her TikTok account and a whopping 700K on her Instagram. 

She makes all kinds of funny and educational content, be it singing along to Taylor Swift songs, sharing her intermittent fasting weight loss journey, or giving glimpses into her life as an uber-successful neurosurgeon.

Monetizing these videos brings in quite a bit of cash. Aside from monetization, Betsy Grunch frequently engages in sponsorship and brand deals. She has even launched a collection of headbands with the brand Junk. 

Betsy Grunch Daily, Monthly, Yearly Income

Since successful neurosurgeons specializing in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Disc Replacement Surgery, Deformity/Scoliosis Surgery, and Neurotrauma make anywhere from $1.5K to $3K daily, our estimation of Betsy Grunch’s Daily, Monthly and yearly income will be based on this analysis. 

Daily Income$1.5K-$3K
Monthly Income$35K-$60K
Yearly Income$400K-$700k

Betsy Grunch Bio – Age, Weight, Height

Real NameBetsy Grunch
Known AsLadySpineDoc
BirthdayFebruary 27, 1980
BirthplaceGainesville, Georgia
HusbandRaymond Joseph Grunch
Age44 Years

Early Life & Educational Background

Betsy Grunch Age

Dr. Betsy Grunch had a not-so-normal childhood, as she had a police officer for a mother, but she did receive all the support and love she deserved growing up.

Her love for her mother was unmatched, which is truly heartbreaking as at the age of 34, her mother hit her car into a tree, swerving from bullets that were being shot at her by gang members when she went to investigate a ‘suspicious location.’ 

The incident left her mother paralyzed from the neck down. Witnessing such tragedy at such a young age, she developed a passion for helping people like her mother, which eventually led Betsy to a career in neurosurgery. 

After graduating from West Hall High School, she attended the University of Georgia for a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

With a bachelor’s degree to her name, she continued her education at the Medical College of Georgia, where she pursued her medical degree, specializing in neurosurgery. She then went to Duke University for a specialization in Neurosurgery.


Betsy Grunch has been committed to her career from the very start. She’s been able to see the entire journey through til the very end since she decided to become a neurosurgeon at the age of 14. 

She worked as a resident physician while she was in training at Duke University for her postgraduate medical education with a specialization in Neurosurgery.

After completing the training program, she was immediately hired at The Longstreet Clinic in 2013 as a Neurosurgeon and business associate. She also started, a personal consultancy service affiliated with the Longstreet Clinic.

With her incredible skills and experience in spine surgery, she’s truly made the dreams of becoming a successful neurosurgeon come true.  

Awards & Achievements

  • Dr. Grunch has been consistently recognized as a Top Doctor by Georgia Trend magazine for four years (2020-2023) and by Atlanta magazine in 2022 and 2023.
  • She was also named a Top Doctor by Castle Connelly in 2023.
  • She was honored as one of Atlanta magazine’s “Women Making a Mark” in 2023.
  • Became the winner of the 2023 Gainesville’s Dancing for a Cause, raising over $92K for charity.
  • She was recognized in 2018 on both the UGA Alumni Association’s “40 under 40” list and Georgia Trend’s “40 under 40” list.

Betsy Grunch Husband & Kids

Betsy Grunch Family

Betsy’s family is really dear to her; she doesn’t miss a chance to bring up her family in TikTok and YouTube videos. 

Betsy met her husband, Joseph Romand Grunch, in 2009 while she was still in Duke University’s undergraduate training program.

They had their meet-cute online on E-Harmony, which quickly turned into a full-blown romance. They finally got married in 2011 in Braselton. 

Together, they have two adorable kids named Riley and Beatrice, who make occasional appearances in Betsy’s videos. They also have two dogs, Pancake, and Butters.

Betsy Grunch Parents

Betsy Grunch Parents

Information about Betsy Grunch’s father is not available. However, her mother is mentioned quite often when talking about Betsy because of the role her mother has played in helping Betsy become the person she is Today. 

Her mother, Betty Uriegas, was caught in a terrible accident when she crashed her car into a tree trying to dodge bullets being shot at her.

She sustained horrific injuries to her spine, which left her permanently paralyzed. This incident is what led Betsy to pursue a career in neurosurgery. 

Betsy Grunch house

She’s been living in the same town as her birth, and it’s interesting that her workplace is also in the same city of Gainesville.

Not much is known about Betsy Grinch’s residence, but it’s not too far-fetched to assume that her house is quite luxurious and is in proximity to her workplace. 

Some Interesting Facts About Betsy Grunch

  • People had higher expectations of her because of her field, and she even had trouble finding dates because men found her occupation intimidating. 
  • She made a video of herself doing a TikTok dance during the pandemic, and little did she know, the video went viral, and that’s how her social media career started. 
  • She absolutely hates wearing heels, saying she’d rather catch a foot disease than wear them.
  • The short on her YouTube channels with the most virality gained over 14M views.
  • She was really into sports growing up, playing basketball, softball, and track and field in high school.

Final Words

A social media influencer, a mother of two, and a successful neurosurgeon, Betsy Grunch is a true example of the perfect person who truly has it all.

None of her success was served to her on a silver platter, though; she has worked extremely hard to get where she is today.

The first half of her story may have been plagued by tragedy, with her mother’s paralysis, but she was able to turn everything around, helping people with spine issues work through their condition.

Her story is extremely inspiring, especially for young girls looking to do huge things in their lives. 


How old is Betsy Grunch?

Dr. Betsy Grunch was born on February 27, 1980, making her 44 years old as of 2024.

What does Dr. Betsy Grunch’s husband do?

Dr. Betsy Grunch’s husband, Raymond Joseph Grunch, is a software engineer in the technology sector.

How much does Betsy Grunch make?

Dr. Betsy Grunch’s annual income ranges between $300,000 to $500,000, including earnings from clinical practice, consulting, and social media engagements.

Where does Betsy Grunch live?

Dr. Betsy Grunch lives in Gainesville, Georgia, where she was born and raised.

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