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Tim Misny Net Worth, Earnings, Bio, Age, Wife, House

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Tim Misny Net Worth

Tim Misny is one of the most successful lawyers in Northeast Ohio, pretty much everyone in that region instantly recognizes his name.

He’s not just some rich guy with a big bank account his children are gonna get greedy over– that $60 million he’s earned is a symbol of all the tireless hard work and talent he’s poured into his career. 

Tim Misny Net worth of $60 million is a reflection of all the cases he’s won, and the lives he’s changed.

Beyond just his law career, he’s also become incredibly famous for his extremely snappy catchphrases that people love, making him a true expert in the field of self-marketing as well.

There’s much to be known about Tim Misny net worth sources, his law career, age, weight, and more! So, let’s dive right in.

Sources Of Tim Misny Net Worth

Tim Misny Net Worth

Whether it be the law world or self-marketing, Tim Misny seems to know exactly what he’s doing.

Tim Misny knows exactly what to say and when to say it, this incredible skill at engaging with people has earned him a following of loyal clients who trust him with their lives, quite literally. 

He’s been able to make quite a bit of cash with talents as a lawyer and extraordinary marketing capabilities. Let’s explore exactly how he’s made the $60 million as Ohio’s best lawyer.  

Personal Lawyer Services

He’s perhaps most well-known for his career as a lawyer, and that’s not for nothing. He’s been in the the law firm for longer than 30 years fighting for people’s rights in the legal world. His Services are quite easy to access, too. You can easily use his website to book his services immediately. 

Specializing in micro-injuries, he’s helped many with birth injuries and has stood up against medical mistakes, Tim’s always been there to fight for what’s right.

He also offers his lawyer services in other areas like wrongful death, car accidents, workers’ compensation, etc.

His tireless advocacy has resulted in significant settlements for his clients, which have greatly contributed to his impressive net worth.

Television Shows

Tim Misny’s journey from the courtroom to TV is pretty remarkable. Not only is he a top-notch lawyer, but he’s also a TV star!

With his own show on the Cleveland CBS station WOIO called “Getting Legal with Tim Misny”, Tim simplifies legal concepts for everyone to understand. People adore him because he makes complex legal matters easy to grasp. On his show, Tim provides advice, discusses current legal events, and shares news stories.

But Tim’s involvement in TV doesn’t end there. He also participates in events like the “I’ll Make Them Pay 5K,” which not only raise money for good causes but also provide opportunities for Tim to connect with more people. 

Speaking Guest

Since Tim Misny is quite well-known and respected in Ohio’s legal world, local and national TV shows and new channels often invite him as a guest when they need a law expert.

They’re also interested in hearing about how he came up with his famous catchphrase, which he’s even trademarked.

Just last November, Tim was on ‘Love in the Land with Austin Love,’ where he talked about his catchphrase and his childhood in Euclid. It’s not hard to imagine that he charges a significant amount to appear on these shows, adding to his already significant net worth. 


Tim’s iconic catchphrase, “I’ll Make Them Pay!” has become way more than just a slogan. The man hasn’t only trademarked the phrase, he has turned it into a whole brand, so much so that his name “Tim Misny” is almost always accompanied by the catchphrase. 

This catchphrase has gotten him many endorsements and sponsorship deals. With his strategic marketing efforts, including billboards and TV ads, Tim has created additional revenue streams that complement his legal work.

Apparel & Merchandise Business

Again, capitalizing on his incredibly popular catchphrase “I’ll make them pay”, he has built a market around it with his merch. He used to hand out clocks with the catchphrase “It’s time to make them pay” and mugs with a similar catchphrase to clients. 

Next thing he knew, the clients started demanding more of his merch and that was when he launched his oh-so-popular Christmas merch line through Cleveland magazine.

Each purchase of his merch not only adds to the bottom line of his net worth but also strengthens his connection with his audience. Also, most of the proceeds from his merch are donated to The City Mission.

Tim Misny Hourly, Monthly, Yearly Earnings

Weekly Income$55K
Monthly Income$230k
Yearly Income$2.8M

Tim Misny Biography – Age, Weight, Height

Tim Misny Age

Full NameTimothy P. Misny
Age69 Years
BirthdayApril 22
WifeStephanie Paulitsch
Height5.8 Feet
Weight85 KG

Early Life & Educational Background

Tim Misny’s climb to enormous success began in Euclid, Ohio. He’s mentioned in several interviews that his family lived in a small one-bedroom bungalow when he was a child.

They worked incredibly hard, with his dad juggling two to three jobs to support the family, while his mom took care of the household.

His father’s hustle instilled in him the much-needed work ethic that he owes his entire success to.

He attended St. Paul Elementary School and later graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1973.

He always wanted to get into law, which led him to John Carroll University, where he pursued a degree in pre-law.

After graduating in 1977, He decided that he still wasn’t done and went to Cleveland–Marshall College of Law, getting his Juris Doctor degree in 1981.


He started his independent career way back in 1981 when he established The Law Offices of Tim Misny.

Based in Cleveland/Akron, Ohio, his firm has given support to those seeking justice in many kinds of cases with his insane 4 decades of experience as an attorney. 

Before diving into private practice, He gained plenty of experience working from 1981 to 1985 with the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association. During those years, he provided legal guidance and representation to the association’s members.

But even before that, from 1977 to 1981, Tim served as an Assistant Prosecutor for the City of Euclid. It was here that he really got his feet wet in the legal world, which helped him a ton in his independent career.

Achievements & Awards

  • Tim Misny has been able to win numerous significant settlements for his clients in personal injury cases, thanks to his extraordinary skills and iron-clad dedication.
  • He was able to get a whole Television show to his name called “Getting Legal with Tim Misny” on the Cleveland CBS affiliate WOIO, which made him popular in the United States overnight!
  • He’s made many significant philanthropic efforts. For example, He’s been involved in projects like “I’ll Make Them Pay 5K”, which was about raising 5k to help those in need.
  • He frequently donates to The City Mission through the many many charity-based projects he has done, which is an organization designed to overcome homelessness in America. Proceeds from his merch line and the “I’ll Make Them Pay 5K” go directly to the City Mission organization.

Tim Misny Billboard

Tim Misny Billboard

Driving through Ohio, you’ll probably be seeing Tim’s friendly face smiling down at you from billboards pretty much everywhere.

Like the savvy marketer he is, he’s leveraged his trademarked catchphrase once again to get attention to the incredible work he does. The man has over 240 billboards scattered statewide, It’s almost impossible to miss his presence there.

Tim Misny House

  • Tim’s residence, fondly referred to as “Misnyland,” stands as a symbol of his achievements and distinct personality.
  • located right in the middle of the beloved Cleveland suburb of Waite Hill, Misnyland spans an impressive 55 acres, showcasing Tim Misny’s success and individuality.
  • The so-called “Misnyland” holds a grand 16,000-square-foot mansion, having a multitude of luxurious features and comforts.
  • Beyond being a mere residence, the estate serves as a testament to Tim’s larger-than-life persona, offering amenities such as tennis and bocce courts, a refreshing swimming pool, and meticulously landscaped gardens.

Tim Misny Wife & Kids

Tim Misny Family

Tim Misny has been married to Stephanie Paulitsch for 17 whole years! Tim and Stephanie tied the knot in an incredibly romantic and dreamy ceremony in Rome, Italy, on June 23, 2007.

Together, they’ve built a family based on the same values Tim Misny was raised on with their son Maximilian Aldrovandi Misny. 

Tim is quite a busy guy and Stephanie has supported him through thick and thin. In an interview, she explained that with her husband’s growing popularity things have gotten slightly more difficult for her, but her husband has worked incredibly hard for what he has and she wants to support him every step of the way.  

Tim Misny Parents

Tim Misny’s father, Andy Misny, was all about the hustle, hard work, and dedication. He worked multiple jobs, sometimes two or three at a time, to make sure that he provided for his kids so they’d grow up to become wonderfully successful people.

Despite the challenges he faced, Andy persevered, ensuring that his family had everything they needed.

On the other hand, Tim’s mother, Rose Marie Misny, did everything she could as a housewife, nurturing and caring for Tim and his siblings to help build their characters.

She really showed her children what it means to have a mother’s love in your life. 

Some Interesting Facts About Tim Misny

  1. Tim’s famous catchphrase, “I’ll Make Them Pay!” has become synonymous with Tim’s brand, he pretty much uses the phrase everywhere he goes like the true marketer he is.
  2. There’s not much Tim Misny cannot do. You can find a skilled businessman, savvy investor, and charismatic TV personality, all in Tim Misny!
  3. His place is residence is affectionately called Misnyland, which has a 55-acre woodland estate in Waite Hill. 
  4. Despite his busy schedule, Tim still tries to make time for his loved ones. He really seems to cherish every moment spent with his wife, Stephanie, and their children.
  5. Beyond his professional success, Tim is a philanthropist at heart. He’s passionate about giving back to his community, supporting causes like the Cleveland City Mission and the “Make Them Pay!” Boxing Club. 

Social Media Presence of Tim Misny

Tim Misny Fans

Tim may be a busy guy, but he always makes time for his fans on social media. He seems to have a really positive yet assertive presence on his social media.

He’s known among his TV and Social Media audience to be quite witty with an impeccable sense of humour. Here’s an overview of his Social Media pages:

FacebookTim Misny31K

Final Words

Tim Misny is more than just a lawyer – he’s a force to be reckoned with whether it be legal matters or marketing.

From his humble beginnings with his father working 2 to 3 jobs to going straight to a 60$ net worth, Tim Misny has indeed come a really long way, Tim’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

As Tim continues to make a difference in the world, one case at a time, It is hard not to admire his passion, resilience, and relentless pursuit of justice.


How old is Tim Misny?

Tim was born on April 22, 1955,  making him 69 years old with a career of 40 years!

Where does Tim Misny live?

Tim resides in his expansive 16,000-square-foot mansion, located in his woodland estate, “Misnyland,” in the Cleveland suburb of Waite Hill.

What is Tim Misny net worth?

As of 2024, Tim’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million, thanks to his successful legal career, TV appearances, real estate investments, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

How old is Tim Misny’s wife?

Tim’s wife, Stephanie Paulitsch, prefers to keep her age private, reflecting their respect for personal privacy.

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