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Jacob Emrani Net Worth, Assets, Salary, Wiki, Age, Wife

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Jacob Emrani was one of those people who, right from the very beginning of his law practice, took over the entirety of LA with his exceptional skills as a lawyer and ingenious marketing strategies.

He’s been practising law for over 28 years and has been through thick and thin throughout his journey.

Despite the challenges, he was still able to rise above and became the biggest lawyer in all of LA. Through his never-ending and dedicated hustle, he has accumulated a net worth of $14 million.

Sources of Jacob Emrani Net Worth

Jacob Emrani has been hustling for a good 28 years now and has accumulated quite a bit of cash as a result of such an extensive and successful career.

Let’s explore his income streams and how he got his net worth up to an impressive $14 million. 

Legal Services

Jacob Emrani has owned his independent law firm for the past 25 years called The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani. 

Through his law firm, Jacob has made a significant impact with his unparalleled honesty and genuineness. “Honesty and Genuineness” are not just buzzwords with Jacob Emrani, He built his entire brand around it. 

As he has explained in interviews, most people are scared to hire attorneys because of their mistrust and fear of getting scammed.

Jacob explains that he’s solved this problem by ensuring that people only interact with those attorneys who’ll be representing them in court right from the get-go (which usually is Jacob himself due to his high demand).

This is where the slogan of his organization “Call Jacob” comes from, indicating that if you call at the organization’s office hoping for Jacob to represent you, it’s Jacob who will pick up your call and no one else.

This feature, which is all about building trust, is exactly what made Jacob and the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani households names in LA. 

Jacob Emrani Assets

Jacob Emrani is a man who’s all about giving his family and his kids specifically the best life they can imagine. He has acquired many personal assets that really give his family a feel for the luxury.

Recently in 2020, he bought a 12 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills’ Sunset Boulevard, which is around 10,000 sq ft. with 10 baths, and 7 bedrooms. 

In the garage of his Sunset Boulevard mansion, he has plenty of room to park his collection of cars which are a few too many for an average LA resident. 

Hourly, Monthly, & Yearly Income of Jacob Emrani

Considering that the average attorney working at The Law Offices of Jacob Attorney makes around 90K per year, according to,

it’s not hard to imagine that Jacob Emrani’s salary would at least be twice that. Here’s an approximation of Jacob Merani’s hourly, monthly, and yearly salary based on our analysis:

Hourly Income$10-15K
Monthly Income$200-300K
Yearly Income$2-3M

Jacob Emrani Wiki – Age, Height, Weight

Born on December 25, 1975, in the land of Iran, Jacob has come a really, really long way. Here’s an overview of his biography.

Real NameJacob Emrani
ProfessionPersonal Injury Lawyer
Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1975
Place of BirthIran
WifeNikoo Emrani
SonSasha Emrani
Age47 Years
Height6 Feet
Weight85 Kg

Early Life & Educational Background

Jacob Emrani’s early life was incredibly tough as he and his family had to flee the land where they were born.

Jacob was born in Iran and lived quite a peaceful life up until he turned 10, which is when the political landscape of the country shifted to the point where Jacob and his family had to face persecution. Jacob and his family eventually fled the country and settled in Los Angeles, United States.

His father was extremely hardworking and despite living in a small apartment, he made sure that his kids got the best education possible, enrolling them in the schools of the Beverly Hills Unified School District. 

Jacob says that his love for sports (which is now very apparent through his sponsorship deal with the Lakers) started when he found it to be the only gateway to make connections at school as an immigrant. 

After graduating high school, he went to the University of Southern California to get his bachelor’s degree. He then got his Juris Doctor degree from the Southwestern Law School. 


After all the struggle, hard work, and a J.D. degree in his hands, he was all set to make something big happen in the law firm.

He founded The Law Offices of Jacob Merani in 1996 and has been working as an independent attorney with his own organization ever since, letting no other ‘opportunity’ drag him off-track.

With his exceptional and unconventional marketing skills, he was able to turn his small firm into a large business, with over 34 attorneys working for the organization, as of 2024. 

Awards & Achievements

Jacob has proven that he’s exceptionally impressive over and over again, and he’s been recognized for his wonderful efforts by his clients and many information services organizations. Here’s a glimpse into some of the major awards he’s won over the years.

His clients adore him, and due to this fact, he earned the Client Champion Award from Martinland in 2017. 

The Elite Lawyer Awards also recognized him as the most outstanding and experienced attorney recently in 2024. 

Jacob Emrani Marketing campaign- ‘Call Jacob’

Jacob Emrani’s recent success can be attributed to his exceptional marketing skills. You’ll find many calling his marketing techniques “unconventional” or even “whacky”, but it doesn’t matter what anyone says, we know for a fact they work. 

While driving through Southern California freeways, you’ll find a billboard with the words “Call Jacob” and Jacob Emrani’s face with a huge smile everywhere.

You’ll also find some more bizarre ones, like the “LABron James” ones, which had the sole purpose of urging LeBron James to return to the Lakers. This campaign worked surprisingly well in not only catching LeBron James’ attention but also bringing more business. 

Jacob Emrani even used the cash he generated from his elaborate marketing campaigns to sponsor the Lakers. The Lakers announced a multi-season sponsorship with the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani back in 2019. 

Jacob Emrani House

Jacob Emrani’s house is not just a house, it’s a 10,000 sq. ft. mansion! It has 4 too many bedrooms his family of 3 needs (7 in total), 10 baths, and a garage with enough room to park 3 cars. The mansion has a whole history behind it as it was originally constructed in 1924. 

The mansion also has a room reserved for arcade gaming, a particularly large gym, and maid’s quarters.

If that’s not enough, the mansion also has a stone patio for a fireplace, a pool, and of course, a sports court, which was a must given Jacob Emrani’s love for sports. 

Jacob Emrani Allegations To Charged Predatory Fee 

Despite having an otherwise flawless history, The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani did come under some heat recently as a lawsuit was filed against Jacob Emrani, accusing the law firm of charging “predatory fees”.

According to the lawsuit, The firm was known for charging double fees – a “flat administrative fee” and a separate “administrative fee”. 

The reason presented by the lawsuit for the double fee was that the business model was about generating hundreds of clients through his exceptional advertising, charging an administrative fee from every client they signed in, and then delaying their case until the client terminated the contract. Those whose contracts weren’t terminated had to pay an additional fee. 

The reports also show that many clients who have signed in with Jacob Emrani never heard back from him law from again, while some accused them of “lying about case proceedings”.

Jacob Emrani Wife & Kids

Jacob Emrani With Wife & Kids

Jacob Emrani has been living in his beautiful mansion with an incredibly loving and supportive wife, whose name is Nikko Emrani. Together, they have 4 adorable kids, two of whom are sons, named Tyler and Sasha Emrani, who are huge basketful fans, just like their father. 

Jacob Emrani Parents

Jacob recalls having an incredibly supportive family growing up, which he’s extremely grateful for since he needed all the support he could get to build himself back up after experiencing such a major setback.

The Emran family had to flee due to persecution from their homeland of Iran. As immigrants in the United States of America, they went from riches to rags and then, with Jacob Emrani’s success, back to riches. 

In interviews,  He says that he grew up in a slightly strict environment as his mother and father still ask him about his plans and decisions, but the love he received from both of them was unparalleled. 

Some Interesting Facts About Jacob Emrani

  • As a Persian, Jacob Emrani adores Rafi kabab, it’s one of his favorite dishes ever.
  • as an immigrant, he got into basketball really early on, and that’s what helped him adjust to his school environment. 
  • he wakes up really early around 5:30 to 6:00 in the morning and loves exercising. 
  • LeBron James himself saw the “LABron” billboard Jacob’s team put up and reached out to Jacob on social media, which is what eventually led to Laker’s sponsorship deal with Jacob Emrani.

Final Words

Jacob Emrani has undoubtedly had an incredibly tough life growing up. He had to flee from his home country and lived a below-average life with his father putting his blood and sweat into his business as an immigrant in the US.

However, things took a turn for the better as all their struggles paid off with James becoming the most successful attorney in all of LA. James’ story really shows that anyone can do anything as long as they stay sincere, work hard, and keep their hopes high.


Where did Jacob Emrani go to law school?

Jacob Emrani attended Southwestern School of Law, where he earned his J.D. degree in 1996.

Is Jacob Emrani getting sued?

Yes, Jacob Emrani had a lawsuit filed against him for allegedly charging “predatory fees” from clients,

What nationality is Jacob Emrani?

Being an immigrant in America who fled from Iran at the age of 10 along with his family, Jacob Emrani is of American nationality.

What is the Net Worth of Jacob Emrani?

Jacob Emrani net worth is estimated to be around $12 million as of 2024.

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