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Zeb Ross Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wife, & More

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Zeb Ross Net Worth

Zeb Ross is an incredibly versatile and celebrated figure who’s been making waves in the entertainment world lately.

Dancing, acting, entertainment—there’s absolutely nothing Zeb Ross cannot do. He’s a true hard worker at heart with a delightful personality, and his natural talents and charms have made him quite a bit of money.

As of 2024, Zeb Ross net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million, which he has accumulated from all the incredible work he has done in his lifetime so far. He has so much more to offer.

Sources of Zeb Ross Net Worth

Zeb Ross makes money in lots of different ways, proving to the world how talented and smart he is in business. Let’s take a look into his income streams:


To trace Zeb Ross’s insanely meteoric rise, we have to go back to 2019 when he posted his first short on TikTok.

He has become an incredibly popular social media personality with a following of around 188K followers who love him for his fun little Buck-beaking and Flat-Footing dances.

There’s even a video of him dancing with a red solo cup on his head. He had his content monetized and makes anywhere around $30,000 to $50,000 monthly from his TikTok account alone. 

Each of these videos on TikTok gets about 30k views on average, with some of them going as high as 100k views. With all this engagement and views, his follower count will go up to 200k in the next few months, bringing in more cash with each view. 

Brand Advertisements

His TikTok account not only earns him cash through monetization but also offers a great opportunity for sponsorships and brand deals, which Zeb Ross knows how to leverage to its fullest.

The brands recognize the value of their country’s charm and want a piece of it because they know the kind of audience that pulls.

Ross has partnered with all sorts of different companies, which reportedly bring in anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 per post. 

Ecommerce Ventures

Squeezing the full potential out of his social media success, Zeb Ross is now branching out to make even more money by selling his merch online, like clothes and accessories, through his own store on Cameo. 

He handpicks items that his fans will love, bringing his country flare that he’s oh so famous for. It really helps him create an incredibly supportive and caring community around himself and his fans.


Zeb Ross is most well known for being an extraordinary dancer and performer who’s making waves with his awesome country moves as a proud member of the J Creek Cloggers.

This talented crew is all about the buck-beaking, flatting-footing, and freestyle dance styles with a modern twist, and Zeb’s contributions are nothing short of spectacular.

His unique flair and dedication to his craft have earned him the affectionate nickname “hillbilly crip walker”.

Zeb Ross Wikipedia – Age, Height, Weight

Zen Ross is a total hometown boy from the stunning scenery of Waynesville, North Carolina! Zeb’s got that Southern charm and artistic vibe down pat.

He’s a real jack-of-all-trades when it comes to performing; the man can get down to everything from freestyling to hillbilly country music.

You can tell he’s living his to its fullest with so much passion, and his journey is just brimming with exciting stories.

Full NameZeb Ross
Age29 Years
Date of BirthFebruary 21, 1994
Height5.6 Feet
Weight60 KG
Net Worth$2.5 Million

Early Life & Educational Background

Zeb was born and raised in the beautiful town of Waynesville, North Carolina, where he grew up surrounded by love and support from his family.

From a young age, Zeb was super into dancing, always running around tapping his feet and moving to the rhythm of old-school country music.

Despite his love for dance, Zeb never neglected his studies. He attended the local schools in Haywood County, where the locals adored him for his lovely, charming nature and eagerness to learn.

There’s not much else known about his early life, as he keeps the focus on his dance instead of his personal life.


Zeb Ross definitely had humble beginnings. He was just a guy who fell in love with dancing watching his mother dance, and would get invited to parties to show off his moves.

That’s when he started to get quite famous in his own little town. Inspired by this attention he was receiving, he finally made a social media account on TikTok in 2019 and his irresistibly charming personality and fun and friendly attitude had more and more people flocking to his social media pages.

As of 2024, he has accumulated the following of a whopping 188k followers, not bad for a simple dancing guy from a small town in South Carolina. 

Zeb Ross has also been involved with the J Creek Cloggers, which is an organization all about dance education, and spreading love toward the wider hillbilly dance community.

Due to his social media fame, he’s undoubtedly become a key part of the J Creek Cloggers community, so much so that people in the community have now started to call him ‘The Legend”.


  • Featured in a documentary highlighting traditional Appalachian dance
  • Received recognition from local dance associations for promoting cultural heritage through dance
  • Invited to teach dance workshops at prestigious universities and festivals
  • Successfully organized charity dance events raising funds for community causes
  • Recognized as a cultural ambassador for traditional dance by the North Carolina Arts Council

Zeb Ross Wife & Kids

Zeb is happily married to Ashley Ross, who happens to be his dancing partner and soulmate. They first met through their shared love for clogging, a traditional folk dance deeply rooted in the North Carolina mountains.

They tied the knot in February 2017, and as is pretty apparent from Zeb Ross’ TikTok channel, their bond is only getting stronger as days go by.

Zeb and Ashley are not just partners in life but also in dance! You can often catch them showcasing their incredible dance moves together in videos.

You’ll find Zeb crediting a lot of his success to Ashley’s love and encouragement. Zeb and Ashley have one child together, whom they shower with lots of love.


Zeb Ross’s mom, Kim Ross, is really amazing! She’s the leader and founder of J Creek Cloggers, a group that’s as lovely and fun as the rest of the Ross family,  keeping Appalachian dance traditions alive through all these years. Because of her, lots of people know about and enjoy traditional Appalachian dance.

The J Creek Cloggers, led by Kim, do shows that make people happy and proud of their culture. Zeb must be really proud to have a mom who does such cool stuff!

As for his Dad, though not much is known about him, it’s safe to say that he’s also a part of the Creek Club.

Some Interesting Facts About Zeb Ross

  • His mom, the boss of J Creek Cloggers, started the dance team about 13 years ago with just 6 or 8 people, and now they have about 50 members.
  • Zeb considers himself part of a clogging team, which is like a mix of different dance styles.
  • Even though his video on TikTok got 5 million likes, Zeb had never used TikTok before. He finds the attention overwhelming but exciting.
  • Zeb thinks it’s really cool that people are finally becoming interested in clogging because of his videos, especially those who have never heard of it before.
  • As a country dancer, it’s kind of ironic that he’s really into heavy metal music, with bands like Slipknot and Metallica being his favorites.
  • Zeb dances not for fame or money but to have a good time, get some exercise, and make people smile.

Social Media Presence of Zeb Ross

Zeb Ross is not just a dancer but also a social media star! He’s got accounts on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, where he shares his dance videos and builds connections with his fans.

Zeb’s energetic moves and endearing and funny personality are sure to put a smile on even the most stern person’s face. Here is a quick overview of his social media platforms:


Final Words

From his small-town roots in North Carolina to his big-time success on social media, Zeb has shown time and time again that with hard work and a big heart, anything is possible.

Whether he’s wowing crowds with his awesome little footwork or spreading smiles online, His incredible and fun-loving personality is impossible to resist. So let’s keep cheering him on as he keeps dancing his way into our hearts!


Who is Zeb Ross?

Zeb Ross is an insanely talented performer known for his amazing hillbilly dance moves and entertaining performances.

What does Zeb Ross do for a living?

Zeb Ross makes a living by dancing, acting, and his lovely, endearing, and fun-loving social media persona.

Where is Zeb Ross from?

Zeb Ross is from Haywood County, North Carolina. He grew up surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

How much is Zeb Ross net worth?

Zeb Ross is quite wealthy with his net worth coming in at .5 million. His success in dance, entertainment, and digital media has brought him a lot of money.

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