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Mike Signorelli Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wife, Church

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Mike Signorelli Net Worth

Mike Signorelli is not just any pastor; he’s a friendly face in the community, a beacon of hope, and someone who’s making a real difference.

Mike Signorelli Net Worth stands at a whopping 4 million, which he earned all through his incredible passion for giving back to his community. 

Sources of Mike Signorelli Net Worth

Mike Signorelli Net Worth

Mike Signorelli is more than just a pastor; he’s an entrepreneur in his own right. A significant chunk of his earnings comes from leading his beloved church, V1 Church.

It’s not just any church – it’s a community made for the sole purpose of spreading love, where everyone is welcome, no matter their background.

People who attend the church contribute money to support its activities, and a portion of that goes to Mike.

Aside from his church, he’s made a fortune through his other projects, which are also in the lane of religion and spirituality.

V1 Church

V1 Church is more than just a place to pray; it’s almost like a big, lively family that’s all about welcoming everyone with open arms and making them feel empowered.

With Mike Signorelli leading the way, V1 Church has really blossomed, drawing folks from all over. It’s where friendships bloom, and lives take a turn for the better.

Mike’s all about helping people find their purpose and feel the strength of faith, and you can see that in everything V1 Church does. His church is one of the biggest sources of his brilliant net worth.

Books Sales

Mike Signorelli’s books are more than just words on a page – they’re beacons of hope in a sometimes dark world.

His incredible books titled “Breakthrough: How to Unlock the Power of God in Your Life” and “The Breaker Mindset: How to Break Free from Limiting Beliefs and Live Your Full Potential ” offer practical advice and spiritual guidance to readers seeking to improve their lives.

Ad Revenue & Subscription Fees of Mobile App

Let’s dive into how The Breakers App helps Mike Signorelli financially! Although the app comes with many free resources to assist subscribers in their spiritual growth, it has multiple paid features as well, which are one of the biggest contributors to Mike Signorelli net worth.

Aside from making money off the paid features, the app also runs ads, which significantly adds to the net revenue the app brings in overall. 

Events & Conferences

Mike Signorelli is also known for his conferences and public speaking events. these gatherings aren’t just about sharing wisdom; they’re also wonderful opportunities for Signorelli to grow his influence.

Take the V1 Women’s 2024 Miami Retreat, for example. Signorelli’s role as a speaker adds value to the event and could potentially boost his income.

And when special guests like Jenny Weaver join him at events like V1 Miami, it can attract more people and bring in more money through ticket sales or donations.

Then there are conferences like MVMNT: A Pastors Conference, where Signorelli can connect with other leaders and maybe even land speaking gigs that pad his pockets.

Even international events like Revéil Conférence 2024 in Switzerland and Revival Night in France can expand Signorelli’s reach and potentially bring in more earnings through speaking fees.


Mike Signorelli isn’t just a pastor – he’s a storyteller. He’s been in extremely influential and inspiring movies like “The Domino Revival” which showcases his talent for weaving compelling narratives that touch the heart and seep deep into the soul.

These films aren’t just for entertainment; they’re all about spreading messages of hope, healing, and redemption. And hey, if they happen to make a bit of money along the way, that’s just the cherry on top!


Whenever Mike Signorelli takes the stage at an event or sits down for a podcast interview, it’s not just about the money – it’s about sharing his message with the world.

But hey, a little extra cash doesn’t hurt! People are drawn to Mike’s warmth, wisdom, and infectious enthusiasm that’s capable of reaching people’s hearts in a way very few can. 

And who can blame them? His talks are like a breath of fresh air in a world full of negativity and cynicism.

Mike Signorelli Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly Earnings

Weekly Income$14K
Monthly Income$60K
Yearly Income$720K

Mike Signorelli Wikipedia- Age, Height, Weight

Real NameMike Signorelli
Date of BirthJune 16, 1983
Place of BirthHammond, Indiana, USA
WifeJulie Signorelli
Age40 Years
Height5 Feet, 10 Inch

Early Life & Educational Background

Mike Signorelli Age

Mike Signorelli’s early life was marked by turmoil and hardship. Growing up in Northwest Indiana, he witnessed violence and abuse within his family.

His mother, a single parent after his father’s betrayal and subsequent remarriage to an abusive partner, endured immense suffering.

Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged when she responded to a newspaper ad placed by a pastor seeking a worship leader.

Through this encounter, Signorelli’s mother found solace and faith, leading both herself and her young son to Jesus Christ.

As a result, Signorelli began his journey in music ministry alongside his mother, immersing himself in worship from a tender age.

He had to leave school during the 10th grade to look after his mom, who was very ill and couldn’t take care of herself. Later on, he went back to school and finished a GED program, and then he went to college at Indiana University – Bloomington, which wasn’t too far from where he grew up.

During his time at IU, Signorelli did really well. He even taught a class about world religion to undergraduate students. However, things changed for him. He says the big moment — what he later realized was his conversion — happened when he went to a futurist conference. 


From his simple beginnings to his current role as a respected pastor and influencer, Mike has journeyed through a twisting path full of surprises and chances.

His adventure into the spiritual world truly began when he felt a strong pull to start a church in the busy heart of New York City.

As the founder and main pastor of V1 Church, Mike has led a movement grounded in honesty and being real. His interesting and extremely captivating talks and powerful love and commitment to his church members made him a lively leader in the world of faith.

Yet, Mike’s impact goes way beyond the church, with him also being a busy writer, with books like “Breakthrough” and “The Breaker Mindset” connecting with readers all over the world looking for guidance and a boost. Also, he’s stepped into digital media through his app and podcast.

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Mike Signorelli Wife & Kids

Mike Signorelli Wife

In the story of Mike Signorelli, there’s a special character who stands right beside him: his cherished wife, Julie. the fact that on his website, he deems his love for his wife and children to be his biggest accomplishment really shows that he has his priorities in the right place.

The bond with his wife of 15 years is woven with love and respect, and they share common beliefs, and have similar backgrounds. In their cozy home, laughter and happiness abound, thanks to their two lovely kids, Everly Faith and Bella Joy.


Growing up in the region of Northwest Indiana, Mike faced many challenges along with his family. His mom, who raised him alone, encountered tough times after his dad’s betrayal led to their separation.

But amid these struggles, a glimmer of hope emerged. A simple newspaper ad connected his mom with a pastor who brought faith and positivity into their lives.

This newfound belief that had carried his mother along became a guiding beacon for Mike as well. Despite the difficulties and hardships, his mom’s unwavering love, support, and prayers made Mike into the person he is today.

Some Interesting Facts About Mike Signorelli

  • Despite facing tough times growing up, Mike Signorelli finally found much-needed comfort and motivation within the church.
  • Mike’s transformation from a school dropout to a pastor really shows how much strength and resilience he acquired from his mother.
  • Aside from being a lovely pastor, Mike is also an enthusiastic reader and fitness lover.
  • He loves using social media as a platform to share uplifting messages and engage with his audience.

Social Media Presence of Mike Signorelli

Mike Signorelli Youtube

Mike Signorelli isn’t just a pastor; he’s also a whiz on social media. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

His posts aren’t just about religion; they’re full of uplifting quotes and fun little glimpses into his life. Here’s an overview of his social media platforms:

FacebookMike Signorelli440K

Final Words

As we come to the end of Mike Signorelli’s story, it’s like a colorful quilt made with threads of strength, faith, and never giving up.

From his small hometown to the big city, Mike’s journey shows how people can overcome tough times.

He’s all about spreading love and hope, changing many lives along the way. So, as we finish this part of Mike’s tale, let’s keep his message of hope alive in our own lives.


Who is Mike Signorelli?

Mike Signorelli is a pastor, author, and influencer known for his inspirational messages. He’s the founder and lead pastor of V1 Church in New York City, where he helps people discover their purpose and experience spiritual growth.

How much is Mike Signorelli Net worth?

Mike Signorelli’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million, thanks to his various endeavors, including leading his church, writing books, speaking engagements, and digital media ventures.

How big is V1 church?

V1 Church is a growing community of believers based in New York City, with thousands of members and a global reach. Under Mike Signorelli’s leadership, the church has experienced rapid growth and impact.

What are the books written by Mike Signorelli?

Some of the books written by Mike Signorelli include “Breakthrough,” “The Breaker Mindset,” and “The Breaker Code,” each offering valuable insights into spirituality and personal development.

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