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Kyle Dutcher Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife, Daughter, & More

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Kyle Dutcher Net Worth

Famous American YouTuber, entrepreneur, and expert tree-trimming specialist Kyle Dutcher gained notoriety for his visually appealing clips and successful businesses.

Thanks to his charm in the natural world, skill at tree pruning, and smart business skills, Kyle has amassed an impressive amount of money and a loyal following. 

This article will examine Kyle Dutcher Net Worth, its sources, early life, profession, and personal life.

Kyle Dutcher Net Worth & It’s Sources

Kyle Dutcher net worth is estimated to be $4 million, which he earned from an array of businesses such as his YouTube channel, online store, brand partnerships, sponsored campaign partnerships, and tree-trimming services. Let’s examine each of these sources in greater detail.

YouTube Channel

A few of the primary sources of Kyle Dutcher Net worth has been his YouTube channel, “Kyle Push Dutcher.”

With thousands of views on his videos along with more than 170k subscribers, Kyle earns a good income from sponsorships and ad revenue. 

His loyal audience has grown as a result of his entertaining material, which includes how-to videos on cutting trees, outdoor trips, and personal videos.

Online Business

Coupled with his popular YouTube channel, Kyle operates a successful online shop that offers supplies and gear for cutting trees.

His online shop offers a vast selection of items, which include clothing and other items to chainsaws and safety gear. 

Kyle Dutcher’s net worth has risen significantly as a consequence of his online company’s growth.

Brand Collaborations

Many brand collaborations stemmed from Kyle Dutcher’s fame on YouTube and his skills in tree cutting.

With his videos and online accounts, he collaborated with several prominent companies in the outdoors and tree-trimming sectors to promote their products. Through these collaborations, Kyle now has a second income source.

Paid Campaign Partnerships

Furthermore, Kyle takes part in paid advertising partnerships, producing promotional material for various businesses and goods. 

With these partnerships, he may further boost his net worth by using his audience to promote products and services through his influence and reach.

Tree Cutting Services

Kyle Dutcher was an expert tree cutter before he turned his focus to his YouTube business. He founded SCS Tree Service, an organization that provides services for tree maintenance, trimming, and removal. 

Even though he hardly oversees the day-to-day management of the business, Kyle continues to earn income from it, which in turn increases his total net worth.

Kyle Dutcher Wiki – Age, Height, Weight

He was born on August 15, 1985, so in the year 2024, he is 39 years old. At 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall, he maintains an active lifestyle and loves activities in the outdoors, which enables me to keep his trim body.

Early Life & Educational Background

Being up in a small Pennsylvanian town, Kyle Dutcher fell in love with the great environment at an early age. He acquired the basics of tree removal from his father, an experienced woodsman, but also ingrained in him an intense work ethic. 

After graduation from an adjacent high school, Kyle moved on to a nearby university to get a degree in management of businesses.

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In 2010, Kyle Dutcher founded SCS Tree the Service, marking the start of his tree-cutting career. He quickly developed a solid reputation for professionalism and outstanding services, and the neighbourhood began to know Kyle’s expertise in the field.

To reach a larger audience, Kyle decided to launch his YouTube channel, “Kyle Push Dutcher,” in 2015. His objective was to share his knowledge and passion for tree cutting.

His pleasant attitude and educational content quickly won over viewers, and his channel started growing greatly.

With the achievement of his YouTube career, Kyle started focusing more on producing content and increasing his online presence.

He started an internet store to offer equipment and items in chopping trees, and it became a profitable endeavour that boosted Kyle Dutcher’s net worth.

Throughout his career, Kyle has collaborated with a lot of companies and taken part in paid campaigns, which helped him be even more of an established figure in the outdoor or tree-cutting industries.

Awards & Achievements

Because of his achievements and skill, Kyle Dutcher has achieved  notable items:

  • Reaching 170k subscribers on his YouTube channel in 2024
  • Being featured in several leading outdoor and tree-cutting publications
  • Receiving the “Best Tree Cutting YouTuber” award at the Annual Outdoor Awards in 2020
  • Successfully running SCS Tree Service for over a decade

These achievements showcase Kyle’s dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with his audience and build a successful brand.

Kyle Dutcher Wife & Kids

Amanda Dutcher and Kyle Dutcher have a beautiful relationship and tied the knot in 2012 after dating in college. Together, they’re the parents of a son named Jackson and a daughter named Lily.

To provide his fans with insight into his personal life and the value of family from his viewpoint, Kyle often talks about his family in his social media posts and videos on YouTube.


Kyle Dutcher credits his parents with an enormous amount of his success and love for the great outdoors.

He acquired the basic skills of cutting trees through his father, an experienced woodsman, who also instilled in him a strong work ethic.

His mother constantly encouraged him toward his goals and supported him in all of his projects.

Social Media Presence

Due to his strong social media presence, Kyle Dutcher can build his brand and create relationships with his fans. He’s active on Instagram, and Facebook, as well as on his YouTube channel, which is where he offers his fans updates, exclusive pictures, and interesting content.

Some Interesting Facts About Kyle Dutcher

  • Kyle is an experienced hunter who loves to spend some time out of the house.
  • He has some amazing skills as a woodworker and has crafted many pieces for himself as well
  • Dutcher loves attending concerts with his wife as he is a die-heart fan of cultural music.
  • He is passionate about giving back to his community and often participates in local charity events and fundraisers.

Final Words

Kyle Dutcher’s $4 million net worth serves as proof of his perseverance, knowledge, and ability to establish a solid reputation in the outdoor and tree-cutting sectors.

Thanks to his YouTube channel, online business, product alliances, paid advertising alliances, and tree-trimming services, Kyle is now a recognized authority in his industry. 

Kyle Dutcher’s success is likely to expand as long as he stays true to his brand and shares his appreciation of the environment with those who follow him.


How much is Kyle Dutcher Net Worth?

Kyle Dutcher’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

Who is Kyle Dutcher’s wife?

Kyle Dutcher is married to Amanda Dutcher. The couple has two children together, a daughter named Lily and a son named Jackson.

How old is Kyle Dutcher?

Born on August 15, 1985, Kyle Dutcher is 37 years old as of 2023.

What does Kyle Dutcher do for a living?

Kyle Dutcher is a professional tree cutter, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. He founded SCS Tree Service, runs a successful YouTube channel called “Kyle Push Dutcher,” and operates an online business selling tree-cutting equipment and merchandise. He also participates in brand collaborations and paid campaign partnerships.

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