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Dan Mohler Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Weight, Wife, Church

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Dan Mohler Net Worth

Dan Mohler has been giving to the world through his Christian Ministry since the age of 19. He runs a non-profit organization called Neck Ministries, which helps people access the profound teachings of the Gospel. 

His 42 years of voluntarily preaching love, faith, and healing have gotten him to a place where he’s able to succeed even in his profitable ventures because of the love and popularity he receives from his audience and followers.

Dan Mohler, as of 2024, has been able to accumulate a net worth of over 5 million dollars with all the hard work he’s put into his career as a pastor over an extremely extensive period of 41 years. 

Let’s explore how Dan Mohler was able to get his net worth up to $5 million despite primarily engaging in voluntary work to help his community while taking a glimpse into the important aspects of his personal life, like his career, family, and Church.

Sources of Dan Mohler Net Worth

With over 41 years of experience, Dan Mohler has a lot going on for him. He’s figured out the perfect balance between making a living to sustain himself and his family and giving back to the community in the most selfless way possible. L

Let’s explore exactly how Dan Mohler makes his money while finding ways always to give back.

Youtube Channel

Dan Moher

Dan Mohler stays very active on his YouTube channels, getting his message out in the form of hour-long videos.

His YouTube channel pulls a mix of his long-time followers and a younger, newer audience that’s seeking its way back to the Christian tradition. 

Each of his videos averages around 10-50k views. His videos are generally monetized, which is one of the ways Dan Mohler is able to add to his overall income through his popularity on social media. 


Owing to his massive following and popularity, which he has gained by helping people find spirituality for over four decades, he is frequently invited to speak at conferences and events. 

Dan Mohler gets paid a small fee for speaking at these events and conferences, which directly increases his net worth.

These gatherings also indirectly increase his net worth by introducing him to more people who might follow his other works. He also indirectly benefits from these conferences as they offer the perfect opportunity to sell his books and merchandise. 


Dan Mohler has also partnered with many organisations that are willing to sponsor his cause. These sponsorships provide financial backing to all the things that Dan Mohler engages in to help people in their faith journey. 

Although the sponsorships are purely reserved for the events themselves, they still help Dan Mohler expand his reach, which in turn helps him further his other projects, bringing in the money that contributes to his overall net worth. 

Neck Ministries

As an itinerant preacher, Dan Mohler’s main venture is his non-profit organization, Neck Ministries. Like most non-profit Christian organizations, Neck Ministries also receives donations from everyday Christian folks who are willing to give some money up for this cause. 

The donations Dan Mohler receives go into running the organization. Since his work as an itinerant preacher involves travelling extensively in a short period, most of the money raised is spent on travelling.

As for Dan Mohler’s own income, the donations have a direct as well as an indirect impact as they facilitate Dan Mohler’s increasing outreach and expansion of his influence in the Christian community. 


It’s been 40 years since Dan Mohler transformed people’s lives, which is why he has profound, intimate connections with thousands of people who are willing to support him in the best way they can. 

It’s no wonder that by now, donations have come pouring in for Dan, which truly help him take the great work he does to the next level by sustaining his wife and children in the best way and giving them the life they deserve.

The donations Dan receives from his beloved followers are by far the biggest contributors to the net worth he has accumulated in his lifetime of 61 years. 

Dan Mohler Wiki – Age, Height, Weight

Real NameDan Mohler
OccupationPastor, Teacher
Date of BirthMay 4, 1962
Place of BirthNewton, Iowa
WifeHarriet Hill Hodges
Height6 Feet
Weight83 Kg
Age61 Years

Early Life

Dan Moher Age

Dan Mohler was born and raised in Newton, Iowa, generally known as a place that has its roots deep in the world of faith.

That’s true even for Dan Mohler’s family, as they had always been incredibly religious. Aside from the religious upbringing, Dan Moehler didn’t have an easy life growing up as his father was an alcoholic, and they had always struggled with money. 

They instilled in Dan all the Christian values they deemed important, like going to church, but it wasn’t until 1995 that he reported having had a very intimate and transforming encounter with God at his workplace.

He says that from then on, he stopped feeling like a hypocrite like he previously did and considered himself to be born again.  


Dan Mohler held many different jobs in his early life, but since his disposition was towards the church ever since he had his born-again experience, He took his life journey in that direction as well. 

He began as an associate pastor and helped the senior pastor serve the congregation for more than eight years.

Since then, he has been travelling as an itinerant minister as part of his non-profit organization, Neck Ministries.

The organization holds conferences and events all about helping people harness the transformational power of connecting with God. 

Dan Mohler Church

Dan Mohler has been involved in churches since he was a little kid. His mother was particularly keen on going to churches every weekend.

As of right now, Dan is involved with the Harvest Chapel in Pennsylvania, which is a wonderfully vibrant church that’s well-known for the devoted followers it pulls and dynamic preaching. 

Dan Mohler also has his own organization, Neck Ministries, which operates mainly as a house church. Dan wants to create a Christian community based on the values of love and sincerity, free from the bounds of denominations. 

Dan Mohler House

Dan Mohler has acquired a few properties over the years for his family, and his work since Nick Ministry’s church operates as a house church. He has a property in Pennsylvania, which serves as his primary residence and house church.

Some sources also suggest that he owns a Texas ranch and a vacation house in Florida, but the authenticity of this information will soon be confirmed. 

Dan Mohler theology

Dan Mohler is a unique individual in the Christian world. He’s brought about a very unique and profound perspective that is all about love and compassion.

He grew up with a mother who believed that God existed in the church and frequenting visits to the church would get her closer to God, but Dan Mohler turned this theology on its head, putting more emphasis on the internal relationship one has with God. 

He also believes and preaches that Jesus Christ did not die for our sins but rather for love and compassion, which is quite a radical view in Christian theology.

He preaches finding God’s signs and wonders manifest into this “Kingdom on earth” and revelling in that spirituality.

Dan Mohler Wife & Kids

Dan Mohler has talked about his wife at length in every interview he has given about his wife. There’s not much information available about the name of his wife, or when they got married, but from his interviews, it’s very apparent that when Dan Mohler had his “born again” experience, he and his wife were already married. 

He recalls being very unpleasant to his wife earlier in their marriage journey, which stemmed from his dissatisfaction with where he was in his faith.

Despite having an incredibly devout wife who’d take her to churches, Dan would feel like a hypocrite going to church every day and feeling nothing on the inside. However, his relationship with his wife significantly improved after his experience of being born again.

As for his son, Dan Mohler Jr, he has taken the same path as his father and has found comfort in dedicating his life to being an itinerant pastor, travelling around the world, and getting their profound message across.

Some Interesting Facts About Dan Mohler 

Dan Moher Chruch
  • Focus on Righteousness: Dan emphasises the concept of righteousness, teaching that God’s approach is not to condemn but to make wrong things right in God’s sight, instilling hope and value in people’s lives.
  • Email Testimonies: Dan receives numerous emails from people sharing stories of transformation after hearing his messages. These testimonies often reflect profound changes in individuals who were struggling with various issues.
  • Shift in Perspective: His teachings challenge conventional views by emphasizing that righteousness is about empowering change, not accommodating sin, and promoting a perspective focused on value, purpose, and destiny.
  • Relationship with Pastors: Dan’s teachings have also resonated with fellow pastors from different theological backgrounds, leading to deep conversations and shifts in perspective towards grace, value, and transformation.

Final Words

Dan Mohler genuinely had a difficult childhood. Still, he was able to stay focused on his relationship with God, improving it gradually as the years went by and sharing his transformational experiences with everyone around the world. 

He has created a truly safe space for those who want to come closer to their faith with the Neck Ministry organisation, where people who share the love for God and collectively want to strive toward becoming better people can gather regardless of their denominations and find a way forward. 


Who is Dan Mohler?

Dan Mohler is a renowned pastor, teacher, and founder of Neck Ministries, dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and empowering believers to fulfil their divine purpose.

What is Dan Mohler’s statement of faith?

Dan Mohler’s statement of faith centers on the revelation of God’s love and grace through Jesus Christ, emphasizing the believer’s identity and authority in the new creation.

How much is Dan Mohler Net Worth in 2024?

Dan Mohler net worth is estimated to be around $5 million in 2024, primarily stemming from his successful ministry, speaking engagements, and YouTube channel.

Who is Dan Mohler’s wife?

Dan Mohler often talks about his wife in interviews, though he doesn’t provide many specifics. They were already married when he had his transformative “born again” experience, which initially strained their relationship due to his faith struggles. However, their relationship significantly improved afterwards.

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