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Matt Morrow Net Worth, Assets, Wikipedia, Age, Height, & Weight

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Matt Morrow Net Worth

Matt Morrow, popularly known as Vegas Matt, is making waves on social media. Possessing an incredibly genuine and authentic personality, this modern-day mogul comes across as pretty modest despite his whopping $45 million net worth as of 2024.

Starting his journey in business, social media, and gambling as a true rebel who loves to have fun, Matt Morrow has accumulated a remarkably large following on social media.

In this blog, we’ll look into the secrets behind Matt Morrow net worth, life, and fame and learn how he successfully turns all his interests into lucrative money-making machines!

Sources of Matt Morrow Net Worth

Matt Morrow is a man who knows how to turn his passion into lucrative business ventures while having the most fun.

He realized very early on that he wasn’t exactly cut out for 9-to-5 jobs, and that’s when he decided to put all his efforts into exploring the world of gambling and entrepreneurship. 

Fast forward to today, he’s gone from retiring from work with 20 million under his belt to amassing a net worth of $45 million with his entrepreneurial and gambling ventures.

He then started documenting his gambling successes on social media, which also blew up because of his laid-back, charming personality.

Let’s take an in-depth look into all the sources of Matt Morrow’s net worth and his long journey in each venture to acquire it. 


Matt Morrow recalls in an interview that he’d always possessed a fun-living, rebellious spirit. He dipped his toes into gambling in high school, and he’s never looked back.

Living in Las Vegas, gambling has now become a full-time endeavour for him. He’s mainly famous for his mastery of slot machines, frequently hitting jackpots and bonuses. 

In 2023, he hit his biggest jackpot yet, taking home 88,000 dollars on video poker, which was live-streamed on Twitch. His biggest loss has been around 25-30k Dollors.

Despite encountering some heavy losses, Matt Morrow, with decades of experience, keeps an optimistic attitude and always gets right back in the game, hitting jackpot after jackpot. 

Direct Cellars His Wine Company

Keeping with his go-with-the-flow-but-make-it-profitable spirit, He started his wine and spirits market execution company almost on a whim.

He recalls sitting down with his friend while he was still enrolled in UC Santa Barbara College and coming up with a plan to start a wine club. 

In his first wine-tasting event, he invited over 15 friends, and 25 showed up. Before he knew it, his wine club became the world’s biggest wine club, helping him connect with the entire wine community through his wine-tasting events to further his B2B and B2C wine market execution company called Direct Cellars. 

Direct Cellars is currently his main source of income, besides gambling. His ability to spot and seize the opportunity for business right when his wine club took off is precisely why Matt Morrow is so incredibly successful.

Youtube Channel

Matt Morrow was already pretty well known in the Vegas gambling scene, but it was in 2007 that he gradually started to become a global phenomenon with the launch of his YouTube channel, Vegas Matt. 

He posts his gambling wins and losses every day on his YouTube channel. Since its launch, he has gained more than 440k followers on YouTube and a mind-boggling 230,997,283 views, taking us all along with him while he spins away at his slot machines and wins big. 

His videos often feature his son E.J., who helps his father by trying to crack machine algorithms and making jokes. E.J. is also credited for filming, editing, and marketing the Vegas Matt YouTube channel.

Due to their regular posting schedule and each video getting an average of 500k views, both E.J. and Matt Morrow earn approximately 32k a month from YouTube alone. 

He also uses his social media platforms, including YouTube, to earn through brand promotions with casino operators.

He recently closed in a deal with FanDuel Casino, which means you’ll be seeing a lot of FanDuel exclusive gaming content on his channel. 

Matt Morrow Bio/Wikipedia 

Mat Morrow Age

Born on Oct 4th, 1963, Matt Morrow firmly believes that when you’re doing something that you find fun, money will come running after you. Here’s a quick overview of his bio:

Real NameStephen Matt Morrow
Nick NameVegas Matt
Date of BirthOctober 4, 1963
Place of BirthOrdina, California
Age61 Years
WifeKc Vanlue Morrow
Height5 Feet, 9 Inch

Matt Morrow Early Life & Education

Born and raised in Ordina, California, Matt Morrow grew up in quite a strict family. Though he expresses love and affection toward his mother, he recalls her being pretty against having fun, but he was a true rebel and wanted to live his life his way. 

He attended Miramonte High School, where he was an exceptional student but didn’t enjoy sports.

In an interview, he talked about how he was kicked out of the baseball team for doing something he called “stupid” while his brother flourished in the sport. 

After completing high school, Matt graduated with a degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1985. This degree was monumental in kickstarting his entrepreneurial journey. 


Matt Morrow landed his first job as a state broker right after graduating high school. He quit that job three weeks after walking into the office.

Despite his initial dislike for jobs, He still managed to dive into the world of network marketing back in 1989 with FundAmerica. Since then, he’s worked in many different companies, each teaching him valuable lessons.

From 1992 to 1997, Matt Morrow worked at Video Plus under the guidance of Stuart Johnson, a big name in the industry.

Working under him really taught him a lot about the industry and how things work behind the scenes, setting him up for success in the future.

In 2006, Matt Morrow finally found his comfort position at Vemma, a network marketing company. He did incredibly well here, earning millions and getting a spot among the biggest and most well-known earners in the industry.

Being the resourceful fun-lover he is, Matt Morrow has always been open to new opportunities.

From his early days at FundAmerica to his current focus on Direct Cellars, he’s shown resilience, creativity, and a never-ending desire to do better.

Matt Morrow wife & Kids

Matt Morrow Wife

On May 14, 1989, amidst the city of Las Vegas, which is responsible for their success, Matt Morrow exchanged vows with Kc Vanlue in a heartwarming ceremony attended by loved ones. 

Together, Matt and KC had two children, a daughter whose name hasn’t been disclosed and a son named E.J. who’s often seen alongside his father on TikTok and YouTube. 

E.J. really plays a pivotal role in managing Matt’s online presence. He takes care of the behind-the-scenes stuff, handling filming, editing, and marketing tasks, and utilizes his exceptional marketing skills to promote his father’s Social Media.

Matt Morrow House

Matt Morrow’s home in Henderson, Nevada, is simply stunning. It’s a super spacious and beautifully elegant property with all sorts of luxurious features, like a pool, spa, game room, and wine cellar. Yet, what truly stands out about the house is its breathtaking view of Sin City Vegas.

Matt Morrow Hobbies

  • Travelling to new destinations and experiencing all kinds of different cultures.
  • Combining travel with gambling, seeking unique casino experiences worldwide.
  • Engaging in philanthropic activities and supporting various charitable causes.
  • Since he lives in Vegas, He also loves going on Vegas party buses.
  • Out of all of the social media platforms he’s dominated, he loves live streaming on Twitch. 

Some Interesting Facts About Matt Morrow

  • Matt Morrow has had an incredibly diverse career; he’s held roles in entrepreneurship, network marketing, and digital content creation, showing how versatile and adaptable a businessman he is.
  • His wife is truly a gem of a person. She’s seen in his YouTube videos as extremely loving and supportive. She’s been a source of strength throughout his career, providing encouragement and assistance when needed.
  • He’s known for his charismatic personality. His followers are often seen praising him for his genuine nature in the comments section of his YouTube videos. They also seem to adore the father-son relationship whenever his son E.J. is on screen with him. 
  • Matt Morrow actively engages with all his brilliant fans and followers on social media, valuing that sense of community. 
  • He also loves to support casino operators out of his sheer love for gambling.

Social Media Presence of Matt Morrow

Matt Morrow

Sure, Matt Morrow is an extremely wealthy and successful gambler, but it’s his extraordinarily charming and authentic personality that makes people flock to his social media channels. 

He’s not afraid to speak his mind on camera and still manages to come off as extremely funny and sweet. 

He has over 210K followers and 33K likes on Facebook, and 540K subscribers on YouTube.

His following only seems to be growing, with his daily uploads giving glimpses into his gambling lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts

Matt Morrow really shows what it’s like to live life to the fullest while turning all of his passions into profitable ventures that his children can be very proud of, all while having the best time. 

From his early rebellious days to an extremely cool and successful father, Matt’s journey is one of resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication to fun-filled pursuits.

His love for following his passion, transparency, and authenticity has earned him the respect and adoration of many online. With Matt Morrow, the fun never stops, and the opportunities are endless.


What is Matt Morrow net worth?

Matt Morrow, known as Vegas Matt, has accumulated a net worth of $45 million as of 2024, a testament to his success in blending his passions for entrepreneurship, gambling, and social media into lucrative ventures.

What is the age of Matt Morrow?

Born on October 4, 1963, Matt Morrow is currently 61 years old. His life experiences and journey shape his fun-loving, rebellious, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Where is Matt Morrow Now?

Presently, Matt Morrow calls Henderson, Nevada, home, where he resides with his family. It is undoubtedly the perfect place for the lover of the gambling and entertainment scene.

Who is Matt Morrow’s wife and what does she do for a living?

Matt Morrow’s wife is Kc Vanlue Morrow, a multifaceted individual who contributes to various industries as a network marketer, realtor, and social media influencer.

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