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Adam Sosnick Net Worth, Salary, Bio, Age, Height, Wife

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Adam Sosnick Net Worth

Adam Sosnick is rapidly becoming America’s beloved national speaker and life settlement expert.

He’s known for his invaluable hot takes on finances and relationships. His unapologetic approach to always getting his point across no matter what and his ability to always speak his mind have attracted many followers on his social media platforms, earning him quite a bit of cash.

Adam Sosnick Net Worth is estimated to be about $14.2 million and With its staggering net worth, he’s a true force to be reckoned with in the world of finances. 

Sources of Adam Sosnick Net Worth

Adam Sosnick Net Worth

For a guy who gives advice on handling finances, the burden on Adam Sosnick’s shoulders is quite heavy to show that the proof is in the pudding.

Having started from nothing, Adam Sosnick has shown that the man can talk the talk and walk the walk, amassing a net worth that crosses the 10 million mark!

Adam Sosnick’s savviness isn’t limited to one thing; he has multiple streams of income. He also has a natural knack for making the right investments.

He has managed to hold a tight grasp on many different types of investments, like real estate, crypto, and stocks. Let’s take a deeper dive into how Adam Sosnick makes his bucks.

Real Estate Investments

Adam Sosnick’s smart choices in real estate have helped him climb from having very little money to being super rich. People even call him “the guy who knows how to make money grow.”

He’s put his money into properties in Florida, Texas, and California, picking ones that he knows will become worth a lot more over time. 

Adam doesn’t just buy these properties; he rents them out, so he’s always making money. Also, some of these properties give him a break on taxes, which means even more money in his pocket.


Adam Sosnick is all about making that quick buck and believes that one of the most effective and forward-looking ways you can do that is by investing in cryptocurrency.

He has invested in many different kinds of crypto like bitcoin, Ethereum and others and truly believes that crypto is indeed the future of investment. 

He brings up the topic of cryptocurrency quite frequently on his Soscast podcast on YouTube, inviting in guests like George Gammon to discuss the latest trends in the crypto world. 


Stocks is another topic that is brought up quite frequently on the Soscast podcast. Adam Sosnick seems to really have a passion for stock investments.

He has many tutorials on everything from stock terminology to how to choose undervalued stocks and make the right investments. 

Life Settlements

Life settlements brokerage is the industry that made Adam Sosnick from your average run-of-the-mill job guy to an insanely successful multimillionaire.

It allows people to sell their life insurance policies to third-party buyers for a lump sum of money. 

With his deep-rooted determination and drive, he really took the small brokerage firm called Welcome Funds and made it America’s best Life Settlement Brokerage Company. Welcome Funds has been his main source of income for more than 16 years now.

Adam Sosnick Monthly & Yearly Income

Adam Sosnick didn’t accumulate his net worth overnight, Putting heavy emphasis on budgeting and saving up, he’s able to keep most of the cash he earns through his income streams. Here’s how much he makes on a daily, monthly and yearly basis:

Yearly Income$400k
Monthly Income $33.4k
Daily Income $1.2k

Adam Sosnick Biography/Wikipedia

Adam Sosnick Wiki

NameAdam Sosnick
Date of BirthFebruary 4, 1980
Place of BirthMiami, Florida
Age41 Years
Height5 Feet, 8 Inch
Zodiac SignAquarius

Early Life & Educational Background

Adam Sosnick was born on February 4, 1980, in a tiny town near Los Angeles. Growing up was slightly tough for Adam, as he had quite a complicated relationship with his father.

He recalls his father being an incredibly smart guy, but he happened to have had cerebral palsy.

His mother, however, used to take good care of him. He grew up as an extremely ambitious, determined and disciplined child with a passion for doing something big in his life. 

He attended Miami Country Day College and was a straight-A student. He also loved playing basketball while in college.

Keeping with his ambition and drive to be wealthy and successful, he later attended Florida University for communications and business, which he utilized to build highly successful businesses.


If there’s one thing that can be said about Adam Sosnick’s career, it’s that the guy never shies away from a challenge in his career path. He started as a radio sales guy at Clear Channel Outdoor Global, where he learned how to sell anything, even air!

Then, he dipped his toes in the hotel industry, working as a Hotel Operations Manager at Menin Hospitality. He helped launch some of South Beach’s coolest, most visited and well-known spots.

Feeling the need for a change, Adam tried his hand at teaching in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. He loved helping kids but found out that the paycheck wasn’t as great as he hoped.

But Adam didn’t stop there. Always looking for the best financial opportunity, Adam found that his talents and ambition were best suited for the world of life settlement brokerage.

That was when he joined Welcome Funds, Inc., where he’s now the Senior Vice President of Sales. He’s helped turn the whole company around and helped it break boundaries.

His company, Welcome Funds, is now ranked as the top life settlement brokerage in the United States of America, putting billions of dollars into seniors’ pockets without costing them a single cent.

Adam Sosnick’s Wife & Kids

Adam Sosnick seems to have his entire life out in the open on the internet, so you’d assume. As much as the internet is full of Adam Sosnick content, he still manages to find a way to keep his family life private.

The only information we have available about his wife is that her name is Mads, and she has a psychology degree with a marketing background. All other information about Mads and their kids is kept strictly under wraps. 

Adam Sosnick Podcasts

Adam Sosnick Podcast

Adam Sosnick is perhaps most famous for his YouTube podcast channel, “SOSCast with Adam Sos,” where he gets into the nitty-gritty of finances and romance. His YouTube channel is currently standing at a whopping 201K subscribers. 

He frequently holds fruitful discussions on social issues on his podcasts, inviting guests like JustPearlyThings, Destiny, Isabel Brown, and many more.

His podcast episodes average around 70-200k views, with an extremely diverse audience of people tuning in from all parts of the world. 

Adam Sosnick Football Enthusiasm

Even though he has a jam-packed schedule, Adam still finds time to indulge in his passion for football.

From his early days playing sports, he’s had to face many setbacks and has learned quite a few things like never giving up, working together as a team, and staying focused. Now at 40+ years old, he still manages to stick to those values and still has that same passion for football.

Some Interesting Facts About Adam Sosnick

  • If you could receive just one financial advice from Adam Sosnick, it would be to focus on building a career to make the most money, instead of having fun jobs.
  • He’s never had a car in the past decade because he believes that just being around in Miami is much more budget-friendly.
  • He has an incredibly diverse music taste, listening to everything from old classics like Sinatra to pop and EDM to Beethoven and Vivaldi. 
  • Adam Sosnick loves his cartoons and his favorite cartoon character is Stewie Griffin.

Adam Sosnick Social Media Presence

Adam Sosnick Age

You can find Adam Sosnick on pretty much every popular social media platform. He has an insane following on all his social media, thanks to the fame he got through his YouTube podcast channel.

He demonstrates a calm and assertive demeanour on social media and is loved by his audience for always speaking his mind, no matter what. Here’s an overview of his social media following:

YouTube@vtsoscast240k subscribers
Instagram@sostalksmoney119k followers
FacebookAdam Sosnick2.5k likes
LinkedInAdam Sosnick8710 followers

Final Words

With his enigmatic social media presence, Adam Sosnick is almost like an open book. He shares everything he knows from his extensive experience in the finance world and romance with anyone who cares to listen.

Rising from humble beginnings, he quickly built a net wealth that’s worth bragging about due to his unwavering ambition and a drive made of steel.

He isn’t the kind of guy who shies away from sharing his success story. He puts his all into helping people get back up on their feet and grind to get what they want out of life.


How much is Adam Sosnick Net Worth? 

Adam Sosnick’s estimated net worth is around .2 million, reflecting his success as a national speaker and life settlement expert.

How did Adam Sosnick make money? 

Adam Sosnick amassed his wealth through various ventures, including real estate investments, cryptocurrency, stocks, and life settlements.

Which one is the famous podcast of Adam Sosnick?

Adam Sosnick’s most famous podcast is “SOSCast with Adam Sos,” which boasts over 201K subscribers on YouTube. In it, he discusses finance and relationships with a large audience.

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